Local teacher helps school acquire more than $150,000 of learning materials

Published: Mar. 21, 2016 at 2:22 PM EDT
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Students at Carr Creek Elementary said they enjoy playing an interactive learning game. "Kids learn better if they have technology. You know things they can put in their hands," said Dwight Creech, Carr Creek Elementary School Principal.

The technology is fun and the students love learning with it but it's expensive. Thanks to the help of Donorschoose.org Mrs.Roark has been able to acquire more than $150,000 of materials for her students. "It is the best thing that has happened to me as a teacher," said Roark.

Roark said without the donations she has received she would not have a majority of her teaching materials. "I would not have the hokki stools, I would not have the class set of computers that are on the wall. We've upgraded lockers," Roark said.

She hopes more teachers will take advantage of the organization. "Any teacher at any state across the United States can post a project. You have a need in the classroom then you identify what that need is," said Roark.

Both Roark and Creech said it is a quick and easy process. "You have to post the project. In other words put in a description for what you want and a rationale," said Creech.

What better way to show students that the sky is the limit than going above and beyond with learning materials regardless of a deteriorating school budget. "$38,000 come through in one day. That was things like iPads classroom sets of them," Creech said.