Local student battling illness receives wish from Lexington Dream Factory

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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A senior at Riverside Christian School battling an illness decided to give back to his school when he received a wish from the Lexington Dream Factory.

Wesley Voth was an all-star athlete, "that makes cross country, soccer, basketball, baseball, track and field," he said.

He was recently diagnosed with Non-Hodgin's Lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the body's immune system.

"The worst part was having to lay in bed for a little while," said Voth.

Voth was at home or at the hospital for about six weeks. And during that time his friends at Riverside Christian School were doing everything they could to encourage him to keep fighting.

"It really drove home when they sent a video to me one day at the beginning of the school day. Mrs. Asher come through and got a video of everybody telling me they love me and stuff," said Voth.

And despite being one of the best players on the soccer team, his coach was more concerned with his health.

"I wasn't worried about our season losing him, I was more worried about his health and his safety," said Ryan Hamblin the Athletic Director at Riverside Christian School.

During this time the Lexington Dream Factory paid Voth a visit.

The Lexington Dream Factory grants dreams to children in Central and Eastern Kentucky battling illnesses.

Voth's dream was to give the school new sporting equipment.

"Wesley did a great thing by missing out on some of his sports this year but other kids are going to be able to excel in them because of him," said Hamblin.

Hamblin says they now have new equipment and uniforms for all sports. This includes baseball, a new program they plan on starting soon.

While many kids wish for a trip to Disneyland or the beach.

"I mean the beach is pretty great, Disneyland would be fun, but it's a one-time thing. This lasts a lot longer and it's for my friends," said Voth.

A gift that will keep on giving years after he graduates.

Wesley is now healthy, playing sports again and hanging out with his friends.

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