Local shops remain open, despite snowy weather

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Even with snow falling in Johnson County, a few local business owners decided to open their doors. Those with Lynette and Laurel and Treasures on Main were both open on Saturday morning.

"We tried to decide at least an hour or two beforehand if we were going to open," Victoria Childers, owner of Lynette and Laurel, said.

Childers made sure the sidewalks of her downtown Paintsville store were salted. She says she wants customers to come and shop if they decide to venture outdoors.

"If a lot of people are wanting to brave the snow then we will open," Childers said.

Employees at Treasures on Main shared the same thoughts as Childers.

"As long as it is not dangerous out, we try to be here," Denise Lemaster, employee, said.

Lemaster says her commute to work was easy for a snowy day. She was surprised to see the roads in such good shape.

"The roads in downtown Paintsville are actually perfect," Lemaster said. "People still want to get out and go and do things. We want to provide that service."

Both Lemaster and Childers hope to give those in the community every opportunity to shop.

"We want to help bring people to downtown Paintsville," Lemaster said. "We have a lot of small shops here and a lot of them are open today. We want to serve our community."

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