Local man sues Hampton Inn, says manager tried to force him to be spiritually "cleansed"

Published: Mar. 28, 2019 at 4:10 PM EDT
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A Leslie County man said his boss told him he had to be "cleansed" to keep his job.

Jason Fields filed a lawsuit last week against the Hampton Inn in Hazard and Sharon Lindon, the hotel manager.

Fields claims that when he was hired, Lindon found out he was going through a divorce and told him the reason for his marriage problems was that he had demons. Lindon allegedly told Fields he had to be cleansed if he was going to work for her and described it as similar to an exorcism.

According to the lawsuit, Lindon gave Fields a packet to fill out. The packet included nine pages of questions, many of which were personal and irrelevant to his job.

Some of the questions that were supposedly in the packet include:

- What is your church background?

- Briefly explain your conversion experience.

- Were you a planned child?

- Were you conceived out of wedlock?

- Have you personally ever had psychiatric counseling?

- Have you ever made a pact with the devil?

- Have you ever visited heathen temples?

- Do you have any witches, such as "good luck kitchen witches," in your home?

- To your knowledge, was there evidence of lust in your family line?

Fields said he was told to complete the questionnaire and meet Lindon at her church to be cleansed. Under pressure and wanting to keep his job, he filled out the form but then refused to give it to his boss or participate in any cleansing or exorcism.

After this, Fields' shift and job duties changed, according to the lawsuit. He said Lindon threatened to fire him daily and did not let him take days off.

Other complaints include ministry members coming to the hotel to pray for Fields in the Hampton Inn lobby, against his will, in front of guests. Fields ended up leaving his job.

The Hampton Inn gave us the following statement:

We also reached out to Lindon but have not heard back from her.

You can read the entire lawsuit below. (If viewing on a mobile app, click the link to view in a web browser.)