Local fire department raises money to buy coats for kids

KERMIT, W. V.a. (WYMT) - The cold weather has prompted volunteers with Kermit, West Virginia's Fire and Rescue Squad to do even more for the community.

Saturday morning, volunteers set up a roadblock on the bridge between Kermit and Warfield to collect money.

Volunteers say they filled at least two boots up with cash.

After watching local school buses unload, Chief Wilburn Preece says he knew he wanted to help.

"You know, you see all these kids coming to school all bundled up. Then you will see two or three coming in behind them with nothing on and it's just a sad thing, you know. It is. It really is," Preece pointed out.

Chief Preece says they are planning to buy more than 50 coats for the kids.

If you did not stop by and would still like to donate, you can mail money to Kermit Volunteer Fire Department at P.O. Box 788.

Volunteers say no donation is too small.

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