Local family feels like "livelihoods are held hostage" by government shutdown

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CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Wednesday was Day 19 of the government shutdown, and local families are feeling the pressure from the government's decisions.


"We're having to prioritize and say okay, what's more important, my kid eating or keeping the electric on?" said Lori Marcum.

Marcum is a realtor in Corbin, and the shutdown has been tough for her and her family, our sister station WKYT reports. Her husband is a federal corrections officer who probably will not be paid Friday.

On top of no paycheck, Marcum said she has not been able to close any sales. The shutdown has affected the IRS, which means home buyers have not been able to get their tax transcripts for mortgage loans.

"I do have one all-cash deal that's set to close on Thursday. It's very small. So whatever commission I get from that is the money we're going to have to live on until we can..." Marcum's voice trailed off.

Feeling like their livelihoods are held hostage, Marcum said she voted for President Trump but insists the shutdown needs to end.

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