Local church hosts a Judgement House showing how decisions impact your life

Published: Oct. 19, 2019 at 10:13 PM EDT
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This weekend Summit Church in Hazard hosted a Judgement House event at AB Combs Elementary school.

Groups of people walked through different rooms following a group of teenagers as they make a series of decisions.

Those decisions lead to different locations until they reach eternity.

Some of those locations are a party scene, a car accident, a hospital room, a funeral and ultimately standing before God on judgement day.

It ends with different scenarios in eternity. One with God and one separated from God.

"Everybody that has come through here has said just how powerful it is just to see it. We can talk about these things but it's tried to portray it in front of you it just puts a different spin on it. It's really hit a lot of people hard of all different kinds of ages," said Pastor Mark Combs.

This event is hosted by churches across the country.

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