Local artist with cerebral palsy working on second album

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Many of you have probably heard of Johnson County native Marlana VanHoose sing, whether at the WYMT Mountain Classic or one of the multiple venues she's sung at across the country. For as long as Marlana can remember, music has been a huge part of her life.

“I started playing piano at two years,” said Marlana.

Two years old is also when Marlana’s family was told she had cerebral palsy, a disorder that makes basic motor functions more difficult. Since then Marlana has faced many obstacles in her life that most musicians never have to deal with. Her disorder has never slowed her down.

“It started from there so I sang my first stage performance at six years old at Johnson Central High School at a talent show,” said Marlana. “God called me to sing and He called me to inspire.”

Marlana has been working on her second album for a while now, she says she hopes to release the album in August.

“I only focus on my abilities, rather than my disabilities,” said Marlana. “Never give up, of course, there's a song on my album called 'Never Give Up.'”

She said she hopes others, no matter their battle, will be able to focus on achieving their dreams.

“No need to worry, no need to complain, no need to get caught on what else is on your mind, make sure you follow your dream,” said Marlana.

Marlana’s new album has ten songs on it, some covers and some originals.

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