Local art teacher turns 85-years-old, oldest full time teacher in Kentucky

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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A Letcher County Central High School teacher just celebrated his 85th birthday and is one of the oldest full-time teachers in Kentucky.

Doug Adams' passion for teaching art started early in life.

"It was the outlet that suited me best of all," said Adams.

This was an outlet he found in Letcher County at the age of three, "I would go up on the edge of the woods and so forth and sit down and draw. If I found a mud puddle I would take a stick and draw in it."

During the past 62 years, Adams taught in several states and taught children of all ages.

"That's a lot of satisfaction to me in that is seeing a kid when he realizes that art has a place in his life and he enjoys doing things that are inventive and creative and not just the book learning," said Adams.

And now at the age of 85, he still inspires his students.

"My experiences I try to bring to my kids," said Adams.

One student, Grace Hall, said Adams made her a better artist.

"He's just really happy all the time. It's surprising for someone who has been here so long," said Hall.

Adams passion for teaching and art is unlike most, "Does life mimic art or does art mimic life."

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