Local Eastern Kentucky chiropractor dies from colon cancer

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FLOYD, Ky. (WYMT) - For years, Dr. Ryan Maynard helped thousands of patients. His kindness and professionalism caught the eyes of many.

"It was always what a great guy he was, a good doctor and an amazing chiropractor," said Stephanie Daniel, who worked for Dr. Maynard since March 2019.

Just a few short months ago, Dr. Maynard had a problem of his own. He was diagnosed with colon cancer, but that did not stop him from doing what he loved.

"It didn't matter what he was facing he was determined to be in this office to work on people because he cared about people that much," said Dr. Maynard's coworker Allan Baldwin.

Dr. Maynard even worked until the last week of his life.

"He continued doing everything he had been doing.. right up to his passing," said Dr. Maynard's wife Alicia Maynard.

Those who knew Dr. Maynard for just a few months or for several years understand the impact he left on many will never be forgotten.

Visitation for Dr. Maynard will be held Monday and Tuesday with the funeral on Wednesday at 1 pm at the Nelson-Frazier Funeral home in Martin, Kentucky.

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