Letcher County volunteer fire departments in dire need of volunteers

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LETCHER, Ky (WYMT) - When asked to describe what it takes to be a volunteer fireman, Cheif of Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department Bill Meade says "dedicated."

Meade has been a volunteer with the station since 1982 and says that each year the number of volunteers continue to dwindle.

Several of the volunteers in Letcher County work at 2 or 3 different stations.

"We have members that join two or three departments in order to make up a roster," Meade said.

Meade says when he first started they had to turn away people because they had so many volunteers.

Sandlick Volunteer Fire Department's Cheif Mike Amburgey says at his station several young men have joined in the past two weeks.

"We are paving the way for them so they can carry on when we are gone," Amburgey explained.

Volunteer fire stations need only 13 people on their roster to be considered a certified fire department but filling that roaster has been difficult.

The volunteers do not get paid a dime but the feeling you get when helping the community is priceless.

Not to mention the friendships you will make.

"We have a lot of fun. Sometimes we cook and have big ole barbeques," Meade says with a smile.

If you are interested in volunteering Meade says you can contact the station for more information.

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