Letcher County declares itself a ' Second Amendment Sanctuary' county

Published: Dec. 30, 2019 at 11:58 PM EST
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Letcher County Fiscal Court called a 'special meeting' Monday night to discuss a resolution over gun rights. The county declared itself a 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' county.

Letcher County is following the lead of several nearby counties in Kentucky and Virginia.

"I just feel that in our area believe the support for the 2nd amendment is large," said Bennie McCall, Magistrate of District 5.

"We're pretty steep in tradition you know and things are handed down. You know a lot of us started hunting when we were kids."

And that was the sentiment that rang throughout the courtroom.

"This is actually the first time we've had to move from the district courtroom to the circuit courtroom," said McCall.

The outpouring support of those who wanted to know they had a say in what happens in their lives. Those in attentandance were given a chance to speak, many were veterans who spoke of support for their country and now their own safety. While others spoke of their deep Appalachian culture.

"Since 8 years old my dad put my first gun in my hand," said one community member.

With a unanimous decision, Letcher County was decided as a 'Second Amendment Sanctuary' county. When asked by WYMT if opposing sides had made statements would their decision be different?

Members of the fiscal court say their vote would not have changed.

"We would have given everybody an opportunity to speak and express their concerns. I don't feel guns hurt people, I feel bad people with guns hurt people," said McCall.

And Judge-Executive Terry Adams believes this action is a stepping stone to get the entire state on board. "We've got Republicans, we've got Democrats both that sit on our fiscal court and I think this is not a party issue its common sense and it's the constitution."

With the resolution no legal action will be taken, it is only a statement of support for gun rights.