Phelps wins first ever Kentucky High School Football helmet contest

Published: May. 11, 2020 at 10:34 PM EDT
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Phelps High School earned the first Kentucky State Championship for the best football helmet.

“I thought it was really cool especially with Phelps being a small school. It showed it wasn't just a popularity contest,” said Leslie County’s Running Back’s Coach Justin Collet.

“When we moved forward and some of the other teams fell out they got behind us and that was awesome to see,” said Phelps Head Coach Andrew West.

Their sleek design came from a mistake.

“When Coach Jones left I sent our helmets off for reconditioning with Schutt and they messed up my order so they gave us some f7's to try and make it right,” said West.

That allowed coach Andrew West to get creative.

“I was thinking alright what can I do to make this helmet pop and one of the main things I think helped us win the tournament was the award decals. We have them in the shape of a honeycomb so when you put them together they form a hive,” said West.

Phelps will walk away with more than bragging rights.

I reached out to the Schutt Sports Rep for the state of Kentucky and he was on board,” said Collett.

Justin Collett started the tournament to have some fun, but after talking to a Schutt representative the winner will get a gold helmet.

"The way its made is just a little special the way it deflects the air causes kids to run faster and hit harder and just become better players by the way they wear it," said John Hines Pulaski County Head Coach.

Leslie County's running back coach Justin Collett came up with a creative way to keep competition alive during COVID-19, by showcasing helmet across the Commonwealth through the National High School Football Helmet Tournament.

"I was scrolling through Twitter one night I seen where they were running this thing and I thought I was going to just enter our helmet because I take pride in what I’ve created," said Collett.

Like social media normally does, word spread quickly, and now more than 52 teams are participating.

"I didn’t know I was gonna have to run the whole state of Kentucky I mean its been a great experience so far I've met a lot of great coaches," said Collett. "I've actually talked to coach jones out of bourbon county.. we got union county Hopkinsville. It's reached a broad variety of schools out west too."

Although they are not on the field, there is still some friendly competition.

"When you get into a competition you want to win and we want to win I will just be honest with you we want to win that thing and want to see that Pulaski helmet be the champion," added Hines.

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