Lawyers: Former Conn clients need to verify Social Security information

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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT)- Eastern Kentucky lawyers have spent the last four years fighting for former Eric C. Conn clients to get their social security benefits back.

"The whole process has been a nightmare for the people of Eastern Kentucky," said former Eric C. Conn client Robert Martin.

In the last couple weeks, lawyers say close to 500 clients should start receiving their social security benefits soon. Those expecting their benefits reinstated should make sure the Social Security Administration has their correct information.

"It's so important that if you are getting reinstated, even if you're not sure if you're getting reinstated, call the Social Security office, go to your local Social Security office, update your mailing information, your contact information and your banking information," said Attorney Ryan Mosley.

Former Conn clients are grateful for Eastern Kentucky lawyers volunteering their time to get client's benefits back.

"I can't stress it enough. If it hadn't been for these lawyers, I don't know what these people would have done," said Martin.

Lawyers do not know exactly when the clients will get a check in the mail, but they are hopeful it will be as early as next month.

"I'm grateful, I just really am grateful," said Martin

Attorneys said a federal class-action lawsuit is pending in the Eastern District of Kentucky for those who did not directly take their case to federal court in hopes their benefits will be reinstated as well.

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