Stumbo: Bevin's actions could lead to impeachment

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - State Rep. Russ Meyer, D-Nicholasville, released a voicemail of a phone call received from Matt Bevin Tuesday, the Herald-Leader reports.

Meyer said that call from Bevin came back in December after he informed Bevin’s chief of staff he wasn’t going to switch parties.

Meyer claims the call proves Gov. Bevin tried to pressure him into switching parties after he declined to do so.

A transcription of the call can be seen below.

Good morning, Russ. [This is] Matt Bevin. I've had some conversations since our last conversation. [I'm] a little disappointed with some of what I'm hearing. [I] would love to speak to you. I want to make sure you understand, uh, where, where things are in my mind and the decisions I’m going to make, uh, in the days ahead, the weeks ahead, the months ahead. I want you to be very aware of what the impacts of those decisions will be as it relates to you, your seat, your district, etc. — just so we have all the cards on the table. I will try to reach you back later. This number will come in as unknown. If you see it and have a moment to take it, please do. I will be in touch. Thank you.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader, Meyer believes a road project in his district was postponed because he decided to stay with the Democratic Party.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo responded to the allegations Tuesday calling them "disturbing."

"If in fact, it is that the governor retaliated against Rep. Russ Meyer by pulling the project in his district and costing the taxpayers of Kentucky over $600,000, than that in my judgment is probably criminal in nature and obviously rises to the level of taking a very serious look at it ... it very well could rise to the level of impeachment in my opinion," Stumbo told WYMT.

Gov. Bevin's Communications Director Jessica Ditto released a statement saying in part:

“Speaker Stumbo, who doesn't even live in the district he claims to represent, has lost all credibility with the people of Kentucky. He has spent much of his political career threatening Kentuckians with legal action to the degree that it is difficult for intelligent people to take him seriously. It is remarkable that House Democrats continue to allow him to serve as their leader.”

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