Laurel County junkyard fuels brush fire

Published: Apr. 11, 2017 at 11:04 PM EDT
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Bush and Campground firefighters responded to a brush fire Tuesday night, fueled by a junkyard in Laurel County.

Emergency Management Director Albert Hale said he knew it was a losing game when crews arrived to see smoke and fire burning cars, tires and hay bales.

"It was a blazing inferno when we got here," said Hale."Numerous vehicles on fire, I don't know how many tires on fire, round bales of hay... So we had to end up rolling more engines and tankers and call another department in to help us."

Property owners Barbara and Mike Hinkle said, it was more than antique cars and unique parts burned.

"It's what we grew up around, just junkyard," said Mike.

"Yeah, he's lived here his whole life," Barbara added.

Crews hoped Tuesday night's rain would help them clear out, and once things get back to normal, Mike said all they can do is move on.

"Just going to have to clean up, just junk whatever is junk and move on," said Mike. "That's all we can do."