Laurel County family rides out Michael 75 miles from landfall location

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DESTIN, Fl. (WYMT) As Michael made landfall in the Florida Panhandle a family from Laurel County rode out the storm just 75 miles away.

They agreed to do a phone interview with us but did not want to be identified. They say they were told to evacuate but decided to stay behind with their pets.

"Well there was actually a shelter we were going to go to last night that would take the animals but they said it wasn't going to withstand the winds," said a family member.

Tuesday they went and got supplies like flashlights, and water with a plan to ride out the storm in their house built just a couple thousand yards from the beach.

"You know we think that we probably will be safe. The house that we're in has hurricane windows, and it was only built in the last eight years or so and is 20 feet above sea level where the house is so we're hoping it is safe anyways," they said.

Destin is northwest of where Michael made landfall, lessening the blow they were expected to receive, but still not putting them out of harm's way.

"Well we're all scared, we're just hoping it's not as bad as they say," said the mother.

They were expected to fly back to Kentucky Thursday. As of our conversation at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday they had not checked to see what their flight status was, but they did expect it to be canceled.

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