Laurel County company hiring during COVID-19 pandemic

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - While many businesses have had to let people go during the coronavirus pandemic, one Laurel County business is hiring.

"As I said earlier have been very blessed to be able to grow our company in a time where most companies are unfortunately not in that position," said Chris Deaton, President and CEO of Senture.

Officials with Senture LLC, a contact center and data management company, tell WYMT they have more than 600 positions open right now for temporary, part-time and full-time employees for both in house and at home spots.

"We are currently looking to hire about seven hundred seventy one people," said Deaton.

The company has already hired more than 500 people. After investing $600,000 they provided each employee, around 2,000 with, start-up equipment, so there is no out of pocket cost to them.

"In March we were able to send almost all of those people to work from home but not all of our employees for one reason or another are able to go work from home," he said.

The company has purchased a $10,000 thermal camera system, that takes each employees temperature upon entry.

"We are able to take temperatures when we walk in the door of course if its over a certain threshold the system alarms the guard to the fact. We re-scan them to confirm it is a positive reading and if it is positive then we ask them to go home and quarantine.">

One employee, Mikaela Campbell, returned back to Senure grateful to be back at work after being laid off at her previous job.

"I never had to file for unemployment before. So it started off kind of rough," she said.

While filing for unemployment was an easier process for Campbell, those close to her were less fortunate.

"It has been a lot harder for them. Here we are starting to open back up and they still have not gotten their unemployment yet."

Thankful, she received a call from HR. Thinking about whether to return, she accepted, moving into a higher position. Campbell says being in a leader position has led her to be more encouraging.

"Just trying to keep them encouraged during this time, you know on Monday's I send out 'motivational Monday' quotes."

Deaton adds since the pandemic the structure of the company has changed but not for the worse.

"Historically prior to COVID-19 most all of our employees were premise based and that is to say that they were in one of the six facilities that we do have. We do firmly believe that a lot of our jobs will be permanently work from home.">

Providing jobs and a future for many.

To qualify, you have to pass a federal background check and have a high school diploma.

If you would like to apply, visit their website.