Large tree falls, narrowly missing school bus

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WAYNE COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A mom in Wayne County is hugging her children a little tighter Wednesday after a large tree fell moments before their school bus passed by.

It happened on Wolf Pen Branch in the East Lynn area.

Amy Mills says she got a call from the bus garage, telling her the bus was blocked by a tree and she needed to come pick up her three kids who were on board.

Mills says when she got up to the bus, she noticed just how close they came to tragedy.

"Driving up to the bus, I noticed she had already turned around, and the tree was there," Mills recalled. "So they had to of gotten past that area. And within the seconds it took her to turn around, and come back down the road, the tree had fallen."

It was a close call that left Mills terrified. She says by sharing her story, she's hopeful it will remind everyone of just how precious life is.

"Maybe it will bring awareness to other people to not take life for granted and be more cautious. Just look around, because you truly never know when you could lose someone or something happened to yourself."

Mills adds it should also be a warning to drivers to pay attention on the roads for debris or anything else that can cause a crash.

"Pay more attention. Be more cautious. You can't really stop the tree from falling, but pay more attention to your surroundings. You never know. You absolutely never know what's going on."

It's not clear what happened to cause the tree to topple.

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