Health department confirms new case in Laurel County

Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 4:43 PM EDT
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4-3 Update

Officials with the Laurel County Health Department confirmed a new case of COVID-19 on Friday. The addition brings the total number of cases in the county to 4.

Officials did not release any additional info on the case, but said they were working to contact everyone the individual had been in contact with.

Original Story

Thursday's conference comes one day after

tested positive for the virus, and

Governor Andy Beshear announced 100 new cases and 11 new deaths, possibly bringing the total up to 770 and 31, respectively.

Discrepancies between the number of cases and deaths reported by Gov. Beshear, the Kentucky Department of Public Health, and local health departments have become commonplace since the virus first entered the commonwealth.

currently lists Wednesday's total of 680 cases. The governor said Wednesday's number should be decreased to 670, saying some of those cases were reported twice.

The section of the website listing the death toll no longer exists.


will confirm any new cases of COVID-19 in Southeastern Kentucky, along with any coronavirus-related deaths, with local health departments before publishing any details.

local health officials said shortly before the news conference began.

Thursday morning, we learned of the first coronavirus-related death in the


viewing area -

State health officials will begin tracking the number of people who have recovered from the virus, which they were not previously doing.

Plans are in the works for a 2,000-bed field hospital to be constructed at the Louisville Fairgrounds.

A new executive order mandates that "out-of-staters" traveling into Kentucky must quarantine for 14 days wherever they plan to stay.

For example, if your relatives travel to Kentucky from another state, they must remain inside your home for two weeks before leaving.

It is not clear how that will be enforced, nor how the order affects people who travel into Kentucky for work.

Overnight stays at Kentucky parks are now banned until further notice.

The governor also suggested all public schools remain closed

You can watch the governor's news conference below: