Update: Man indicted in connection to Knox County shooting

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 1:12 PM EDT
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November 27

A grand jury indicted a man charged in a shooting.

Police say Jerry Smith shot a man last month. He faces first-degree assault, burglary, wanton endangerment, unlawful imprisonment and impersonating a police officer charges.

In addition to the shooting, Smith is accused of breaking into a home, restraining two people and holding a gun to someone's head.

October 22

A Knox County man is facing an assault charge after police said he shot someone earlier this month.

Kentucky State Police charged Jerry Steven Smith, 31, of Girdler with first-degree assault.

The shooting happened Oct. 8 at a house off Musket Lane.

Court documents reveal a woman told the Barbourville Police Department that someone was shot multiple times at a house.

The woman told police the victim was lying on the floor of the house.

Officers talked to Smith by phone and Smith told police he was at his mother's house. They later detained Smith for questioning.

Smith refused to talk to police, even with his lawyer present, court documents stated.

A trooper went to Barbourville ARH and spoke with the victim, who said Smith was the shooter.

Smith was then arrested and taken to Knox County Detention Center.

He has since been released. We do not know how much his bond was.

Smith is scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Knox District Tuesday.