Knox County School Board votes not to renew Superintendent's contract

Published: Mar. 15, 2016 at 7:24 PM EDT
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Fingers were pointed and parents were screaming as the Knox County School Board voted "No" to renewing Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles contract. A WYMT reporter was at the special called meeting, but couldn't seem to get an answer as to why this was happening.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Knox County Board of Education called a special meeting to discuss the future of school Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles. "You're a bold faced liar!" a woman screamed from the crowd, as emotions ran high in Barbourville. The Knox County Board of Education voted 3-2 in favor of not renewing the contract of Superintendent Kelly Sprinkles. Sadie Harris, a senior at Knox Central High School was moved to tears by the decision. "Three board members let us down, and broke our hearts," she said. "It hurts to know that your opinion as a student doesn't matter to three board members."

Those three board members, Peggy Gray, Dexter Smith, and Merrill Smith, offered no explanation for the way they voted. They avoided a reporter, who followed them all the way to the parking lot, asking them why they had voted the way they did.

Gordon Hinkle, a board member who voted to renew the contract, believes those three board members should explain themselves. "I think any decision you make as a member of any board or elected official, whatever decision you make, you need to have justification behind it," he said.

Mr. Sprinkles, who is not eligible for retirement for four more years, had no idea this was going to happen. "I did not see this coming," he began. "None of the board members had told me that they were anticipating a no vote. I have not received a reason why. That's there decision as to whether or not they want to give a reason," Mr. Sprinkles concluded.

While Mr. Sprinkles contract expires on June 30th, many are saying they're going to fight as hard as they can before then to change the decision. Mr. Sprinkles says if the decision is not changed, he hopes he will be able to go back to teaching in the Knox County School System.