Knott County welcomes new judge-executive

TALCUM, Ky. (WYMT) - After winning the primary, Democrat Jeff Dobson remained hopeful in the general election.

Dobson is now the Knott County Judge-Executive-elect. He defeated the incumbent, Zach Weinberg, in May.

When asked who helped him get this far, Dobson gave credit to his success to his biggest supporters and God.

"I can't show you enough appreciation to all of you who has showed us support. And we had huge turnouts. We can't thank each of our fellow Knott Countians enough. It's truly been a blessing from above. We want to thank God first and foremost above all things," Dobson said.

He says it is too early to specify what changes he plans to make but working to make Knott County a better place to live is on the top of his list.

"We gotta try to establish a tax base, try to recruit some jobs and businesses into our communities. We gotta work with our officials on the state level to try to get all the assistance we can get. We're in dire straights. Until we get a tax base we are basically fighting a losing battle," he said.

Now that the race is finally over, Dobson says he is ready to rest though he knows his job has just begun.

"It feels great. It feels like a huge burden is lifted off our shoulders, that it's finally over. I guess the race, but the work is soon to begin."

Republican Brandon Martin and Independent Leonard Hendrickson both received less than 1,000 votes in the race again Dobson.

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