Kentucky well represented at the 2019 RX Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit

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ATLANTA, Ga. (WYMT) - Gravity Diagnostics out of Covington is at the Summit this year hoping to help businesses and health care providers with a number of their services.

One service they provide is DNA testing.

The purpose behind the testing is to see if there are some individuals who may be more likely to become addicted or stay addicted to opioids if prescribed.

"It's pharmacogenetic testing what you do with that is you see how a person metabolizes medicine as far as the what we look for with that, we're actually doing a study with the university to see if there is any way we can link the genetics to see if there is a likely hood that they are more predispositioned to a medicine more than others," said Andrew Pressnell the Director of Sales for Gravity DIagnostics.

The company also does a handful of other testing services across all 50 states.

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