Man sentenced for role in deadly Kentucky shooting when he was 16

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WAYNE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Feb. 5, 2019
A man who pleaded guilty to killing a Wayne County man learned how long he will spend in prison.

A judge sentenced Dylan Mason to 10 years in prison Tuesday.

Mason received 10 years for manslaughter and robbery, and five years for tampering with evidence. Both sentences will run concurrently.

Police originally charged Mason with murder in the shooting death of 20-year-old Matthew Young. He pleaded to a lesser charge last month.

Jan. 2, 2019
A teenager admitted to his role in a deadly shooting in Southern Kentucky Wednesday.

Dylan Mason was 16 years old when 20-year-old Matthew Young was shot and later died. It happened at Young's home on Mercer Drive in Monticello.

Prosecutors said Mason, Young and others were on the back porch when Mason pulled out a gun and hit another person on the head. The gun allegedly went off and the bullet hit Young.

Mason's case remained in closed, juvenile court for more than a year before he walked into adult court Wednesday, now 18 years old. He was charged with murder but pleaded guilty to manslaughter, tampering with physical evidence and second-degree robbery. The recommended sentence for manslaughter is 10 years.

Young's grandmother does not believe justice was done for her grandson's death.

"I don't like it. My grandson's life meant more to me than anything," said Peggy Young. "I think he deserves more punishment."

Prosecutors said the shooting happened during a drug deal but Young's grandmother said her grandson was not found with any drugs.

The shooting happened not long after Young became a father. He left behind a baby girl and a fiance.

"I loved him. We all love him. He didn't do no wrong. But 10 years? No. He needs more," Peggy said about Mason's recommended sentence.

Mason will be back in court February 5 for sentencing. He remains in the Wayne County Detention Center.

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