Kentucky senator asks for state of emergency declaration due to water issues

State Senator Brandon Smith is asking Governor Matt Bevin to declare a state of emergency and send in the National Guard because it still may be several more days until the Buckhorn area has water again.

Smith said the National Guard would assist in things like delivering clean water tankers and installing portable showers.

Smith said Governor Bevin's office says pallets of water will be sent immediately and they have started talking to the national guard about his other requests.

The Hazard City Commission is set to discuss the area's ongoing water crisis at a meeting Tuesday night.

Hazard Mayor Jimmy Lindon said he hopes Tuesday's meeting will provide some answers to people, especially those in Buckhorn who are going on their third week without water.

City officials also hope to dispel some rumors surrounding how water is pumped throughout the county.

"Between Grapevine Creek and Buckhorn we are still finding breaks and you know once we restore the water further out we have another line break and then y'know you gotta shut it off to fix it," said Mayor Lindon.

A big rumor officials want to dispel is that crews are not working hard in areas outside of Hazard. In fact, some workers have been working 15 hours everyday in areas throughout Perry County.

There is not yet any specific time officials expect to have water restored.

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