Kentuckians grieve for damage done to Notre Dame Cathedral

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT) - The Notre Dame Cathedral is a big part of anyone's trip to Paris. The tourist attraction is also a centerpiece for Catholic and Christian faith.

STILL TITLED: Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (MGN)

After the gorgeous Gothic cathedral caught fire Monday afternoon, destroying the cathedral's spire and spreading to one of its landmark rectangular towers, our reporter Phil Pendleton talked to a Lexington priest about his two trips to Notre Dame.

Father Jim of Christ Church Cathedral said that words cannot adequately express the loss and sadness as he watched the coverage of the fire burning in Paris. The building carries historical and cultural significance for many.

With it being Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday, Father Jim's thoughts turned to the numerous services that would have been held at the renowned cathedral. Catholics worldwide will attend services every day this week, and many would have poured through Notre Dame's doors.

Father Jim said the architecture and the art inside the building overloaded his senses.

"To be honest with you, not only shock but also extreme sadness, sadness in the fact that this amazing historic structure over 800 years old up in flames," he said.

Just as Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Father Jim hopes Notre Dame will also rise again or that at least some good will come from this terrible day.

Also, a choir group from Lexington was planning to perform inside the Cathedral in the month of May.

“We were going to do some sacred acapella music in Notre Dame, our organist was going to play the organ there, sadly it has been destroyed. it’s one of the oldest in the world," said Jefferson Johnson with the University of Kentucky Choir.

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