Kentucky officials investigating what caused unemployment security breach

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 4:28 PM EDT
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Kentucky officials say they are investigating what caused a breach in the security of the unemployment portal

Thursday, workforce officials said the breach happened in late April when personal documents may have been visible to other people filing or working through claims.

On April 23, someone was able to see other claimant's personal information on the state unemployment online portal.

“Again there has been no indication that there has been any additional events like this that have occurred," said Josh Benton with the Workforce Development Cabinet.

The breach was fixed that day and now state officials say they are working to identify and contact anyone whose information may have been seen by others.

“While there is no indication anyone has been or will be financially harmed, I do think it took too long to provide public notice, this was way back in April," Gov. Andy Beshear said.

The Governor said he just learned of the breach and said the public should have been notified sooner. He said he learned of it when he discovered an email between the cabinet and the Attorney General’s office.

“I believe we have got to identify when something is a breach, move correctly. I wasn’t going to let the fact that it happened over a month ago stop us from doing the right thing now," Beshear said.

Officials say they believe very few people have anything to worry about in the breach.

“If you don’t get an email or a letter then your documents were not on there at that time," Beshear said.

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