Kentucky lawmakers prepare for Governor Beshear's budget address, wrap up week 3

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky lawmakers are preparing to hear Governor Beshear's budget address.

The governor will lay out his priorities Tuesday night. The budget is the only piece of legislation lawmakers are required to pass.

Lawmakers also wrapped up week three of the general session Friday. They have yet to file their priority legislation but said that will come next week.

One of those bills deals with human trafficking and the other with helping people on public assistance get into the workplace and not lose benefits.

The Senate advanced a voter ID bill and could vote on a school safety bill next week. That bill deals with requiring school resource officers carry guns and would also provide more mental health help for students. However, Senator Gerald Neal of Louisville filed a floor amendment asking that only school boards make decisions requiring SROs carry guns.

The House has yet to vote on sports wagering, which easily cleared a committee in its first week.

"There is no delay. It’s just a matter that we have several bills in the orders, still working on technicalities. A lot have issues trying to work out before we bring them to the floor,” said Republican House Speaker David Osborne.

The House unanimously passed a bill Friday that would provide tuition benefits for spouses and family of EMTs killed in the line of duty. A similar bill passed the House last year but did not get much further.

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