Kentucky judge pleads not guilty to three felony charges

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BATH COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - A Kentucky judge appeared in court for her own criminal case Thursday morning.

A Bath County grand jury indicted Beth Maze on forgery and record-tampering charges.

She pleaded not guilty to three felony charges.

Our sister station WKYT reports, her attorney said there are a lot of things in play, along with a lot of legal issues that need to be addressed.

He also said Judge Maze has had a very difficult time through this process.

"I just wish the grand jury had given us an opportunity to present evidence to them. We made a request that they hear from us, they declined to hear from us, but I believe if they had allowed Judge Maze to testify, we might not be here today. But we are here so we are going to deal with this situation and we are going to go in and defend her as vigorously as we possibly can," said Thomas Clay, Maze's Attorney.

Maze is already under investigation for ethics charges from the Judicial Conduct Commission.

It claims Maze tied to find out if informants in a drug investigation were the same people who were involved in a drug case against her ex-husband and former Bath County attorney Donald Camp Maze.

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