Kentucky high schoolers test their peers about how COVID-19 is affecting them

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - High school students are surveying their peers about how COVID-19 and the changes it has brought on are affecting them.


Students told our sister station WKYT what they are hoping to learn.

"We ask how motivated, stressed, depressed, grateful students felt before this crisis and after to compare," said Emanuelle Sippy with the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team.

The Prichard Committee's Student Voice Team is trying to be a voice for students across Kentucky. They say the learning part of school is just one aspect. The social aspect is just as important.

Sippy says they have learned some shocking things about mental health.

"Some of the trends are that students are less motivated, more stressed, more depressed, and reporting more feelings of worthlessness," said Sippy.

Students went from seeing hundreds of people every day to nothing.

It's a challenge the Henry Clay Cheerleaders are trying to overcome too.

"We were so used to seeing them every single day, especially with cheer," said Iza Gaworski, a cheerleader at Henry Clay High School.

"My teammates, we're kind of like a family. We're together every day," said Kendal Goldthorpe, a cheerleader at Henry Clay High School.

The girls say they're staying busy and staying in shape. That's actually a positive trend Sippy says the survey has revealed too.

"We do know that this flexibility is providing students with some advantages to practice healthier habits about working out, sleeping, taking care of themselves," said Sippy.

It's conversations like this that the Student Voice Team hopes to learn from so they can take the information back to lawmakers and leaders.

"We believe that students are the primary stakeholders of the education system," said Sippy.