Kentucky fans focus on NCAA tournament after loss to Tennessee

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WYMT) - A Kentucky lead that was eight near the three-minute mark lead to utter heat break for Kentucky fans.

A game that saw one of each team's better players take a seat on the bench after fouling out marked a key talking point for UK fans after the game.

"Feeling terrible. I feel like Doug Shouse gave them the game in the last 3 minutes. And Tyler Herro did not walk. Yea it sucks it sucks no excuse for the last bit. Grant Williams is a flopper and everyone hates him," said Kentucky fans.

Fans were also upset about the officiating, "Yea officiating was terrible both ways but more so for Kentucky."

Many fans walked out who did not want to talk called it a tough loss.

Some said it is better to have an early exit in the SEC Championship Game than in the NCAA Tournament.

"Its much better to lose in the sec tournament than the NCAA...I see Kentucky going to the final four."

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