Kentucky crews stand ready to respond to Dorian damage

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RALEIGH, N.C. - As the United State's east coast is hit by Hurricane Dorian, crews from Kentucky stand at the ready.

Area Wide Protection works side by side with power crews.

Robie Rose is one of the AWP workers in Raleigh, North Carolina waiting to help crews responding to damage.

"From Raleigh down to Myrtle Beach because it has hit Myrtle Beach quite a bit," said Rose.

Rose and the rest of the group were originally sent to Orlando, Florida. However, when Dorian's track changed their staging location changed with it.

"We made it here yesterday. We left Orlando yesterday morning, we came up the coast and made our way here around 8:00 last night," said Rose over the phone.

Though Raleigh is inland, it is not spared the impact of Dorian.

"It is very windy. The wind is picking up quite a bit," said Rose. "It has been an experience dealing with the winds. I kind of feel like a storm chaser."

The AWP crews will stay in the Carolinas until power is restored.

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