Kentucky's congressional delegation reacts to war powers resolution

Published: Jan. 9, 2020 at 10:18 PM EST
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Congress is taking the first step to limit President Trump's war powers and force him to come to Congress before he takes any further military action against Iran.

The White House issued a statement saying, "the President has the right and duty to protect this nation and our citizens from terrorism. That's what he continues to do, and the world is safer for it."

Back home in the Bluegrass, Kentucky Republican Congressman Andy Barr says President Trump made the right call in ordering the hit on General Qassem Soleimani.

"Absolutely. the President had the legal constitutional authority to act without congress because it was a defensive effort. It was self-defense," said Barr.

Barr says Soleimani was a terrorist and disagrees with accusations that President Trump escalated tensions with Iran.

Kentucky Congressman Hal Rogers agrees with Barr. Rogers released a statement saying, "our national security is not a matter for political stunts. Forbidding the use of force against any part of Iran's government or military, even if they are imminently threatening American civilians, diplomats or allies is reckless."

Kentucky's Congressional Democrat took to Twitter to voice his support to the resolution. Congressman John Yarmuth saying," I am unwilling to send any of our men and woman in uniform into harm's way on the orders of an impulsive and unstable President."

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