Kentucky congressman hopeful to avoid government shutdown

(WKYT) - If Congress and President Trump don't agree on seven bills by Friday, the federal government will partially shut down.


The big argument surrounds the proposed wall at the Mexico border, a promise the president has been making since he took office.

It's also something Democrats have been very strongly against.

Our sister station WKYT spoke with Congressman Andy Barr about the issue.

"The Congress has enacted a number of appropriations bills as of September 30th which fund the government about 76 percent," said Barr.

President Trump wants $5 billion to fund a wall at the border, something Barr supports funding.

"We have a crisis at the southern border. We saw recently a caravan that the Department of Homeland Security confirmed included over 600 criminal migrants, confirmed or suspected terrorists, human traffickers and drug dealers," said Barr.

Barr said he thinks they can get this figured out and avoid that partial government shutdown.

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