Kentucky Supreme Court rules in favor of t-shirt printing company

Hands On Original // WKYT
Hands On Original // WKYT(WYMT)
Published: Oct. 31, 2019 at 3:56 PM EDT
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The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled in favor of a t-shirt printing company that would not print shirts for the Lexington pride festival.

that Justice Laurance VanMeter said the wrong party filed suit, making it unclear who was discriminated against.

Attorneys for the company, Hands On Originals, said it was allowed to object to the speech it was asked to create through its shirts.

The Human Rights Commission argued that the vendor has the freedom to choose what they sell but not who they sell it to.

Justices ruled that no individual person claimed that they were discriminated against and that only an individual can file a discrimination lawsuit, not an organization. The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization was the original group that filed the lawsuit against Hands On Originals.

"While this result is no doubt disappointing to many interested in this case and its potential outcome... including issues related to freedom of expression and religion," wrote Justice VanMeter.

Justice David Buckingham wrote the Human Rights Commission "went beyond its charge of preventing discrimination" and later tried to "compel Hands On to engage in expression with which it disagreed."