Kentucky State Police face shortages

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(WYMT) - Kentucky State Police face a shortage at many posts including in Eastern Kentucky.

Troopers at Kentucky State Police Post 11 said much of their equipment like guns, radios, and patrol cars are outdated.

"Our fleet right now is in the worst shape I've seen it since I came on," said Kentucky State Police Captain Glenn Dalton.

Old gear is not the only problem. Police said a negative light on their career has also led to fewer people joining law enforcement.

"Why would you want to go into a career field that is looked upon with such negative emphasize and that has affected our recruiting," said Dalton.

With 44 troopers covering seven counties, Kentucky State Police Post 11 is better off than others. However, troopers there still face struggles.

"Even if we don't have the best equipment we do what we've got to do with what we've got," said Trooper Harrison Wells.

Wells, 26, is one of the youngest troopers in the area and wanted to be in law enforcement his whole life.

"If I want to do it why not be best of the best," said Wells.

He said police should have one common goal.

"To try to make the community we live in a better place, a much safer place," said Wells.

Wells said he will not let the negatives get in the way of helping others.

Troopers at Kentucky State Post 13 in Perry County said they also face shortages.

You can read more about the equipment shortage here.

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