Kentucky Power touts lower average monthly utility bills than last year

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ASHLAND, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky Power said federal tax cuts and decisions by the Kentucky Public Service Commission have lowered the average monthly utility bill.

The utility company said bills in September 2018 for customers using the average 1,300 kilowatts of electricity dropped $14.34 in comparison to the average monthly bill in September 2017.

Earlier this year, the Public Service Commission ordered Kentucky Power to adjust rates and eliminate most of its energy efficiency programs. This resulted in some savings for customers, according to the utility company.

“Our residential rates have stabilized and overall bills are down for the average customer,” said Matt Satterwhite, Kentucky Power president and chief operating officer. “If customers are still seeing higher bills, it is due to an increase in their overall usage. We have experienced extreme temperatures recently that may have resulted in increased usage from running air conditioners to keep cool. For customers who are seeing higher usage, we recommend customers check their insulation, windows, caulking, and thermostats to reduce energy use in their home. These items under your control can significantly affect how much electricity you use.”

In comparison to September 2017, Kentucky Power said the below charges are lower in September 2018:

Environmental Surcharge
Fuel Adjustment Clause
Kentucky Economic Development Surcharge
Purchased Power Adjustment
Capacity Charge
Energy Usage fee
Customer Service Charge
System Sales Clause
Decommissioning Rider
Home Energy Assistance Program

“This overall decrease is good news for our customers,” Satterwhite said. “We are working hard to partner with our communities every day as we provide safe and reliable electric service while also controlling costs, providing exceptional customer service, and leading economic development efforts in the region.”

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