KellyConnect, Teleworks USA bringing jobs to Eastern Kentucky

Published: Apr. 4, 2019 at 7:49 PM EDT
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KellyConnect is returning to Teleworks USA to host a job fair next month, bringing more work-at-home jobs to the region.

Teleworks USA hubs across the region are preparing locals for the job fair by hosting custom workshops this month.

Teleworks USA Hyden Hub Manager Mollie Bentley said they worked with KellyConnect to see what they were looking for in a potential employer and have catered the workshops to fit those specifications.

“We do that so that they'll be better prepared and able to work these jobs long-term because that's ultimately the goal,” Bentley said.

She said Teleworks is interested in creating careers, not jobs, adding that the hourly rate for KellyConnect’s jobs will start off at $12 to $13. She also said the job’s work-at-home flexibility is a perk.

“It doesn't require you to build a factory to have someone work from home; all they need is a home computer and high-speed internet access,” said Bentley.

According to Bentley, the partnership with KellyConnect has been beneficial on both sides.

"They come back, year after year, because they love people in Eastern Kentucky. They love working with our clients,” she said. “They love giving people jobs in Eastern Kentucky. And we love getting those jobs, because they're great jobs!"

In order to apply for a KellyConnect job, applicants must attend the Teleworks USA workshop. Workshops are held daily. For more information, contact the Teleworks hub closest to you.