KYTC officials give tips on how to drive safely during winter weather

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - With nearly 22,000 tons of salt and 70,000 gallons of liquid calcium chloride, the Kentucky Transportation Department is prepared for anything this winter.

"We consider snow and ice removal probably to be the most important job we do," said H.B. Elkins.

Elkins is the Public Information Officer for Kentucky Transportation Department and he says ice is almost impossible to drive in, "You've got two problems with ice number one is getting started and number two is getting stopped."

Elkins also says bridges usually freeze first, "Surface temperatures on those bridges is going to be closer to the air temperatures than regular pavement."

Officials encourage everyone to stay home during hazardous driving conditions but Claude Cooper says if you do need to get out, "Just drive safe and slow down is the main thing."

Cooper is Perry County's State Highway Superintendent and his team tackles every winter weather event differently.

"Every snow and ice event is different whether it's a wet snow or freezing ice," said Cooper.

And we see multiple precipitation types here in Eastern Kentucky.

"If it's going to rain first it does us no good to put the brine down because it just washes off now if it's going to start as snow, yes we will be out and be pre-treating the roads," said Elkins.

A job that can prove dangerous.

"We dedicate ourselves to this and that's what we do," said Cooper.

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