KYTC District 10 receives reports of wrong way drivers

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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) officials have since replaced signage due to receiving reports of drivers in the wrong lane near Gifford Road.

The divided highway, where two lanes become four heading east to Salyersville, has caused many a headache.

H.B. Elkins, the spokesperson for KYTC District 10, says a solution is as simple as staying in the right lane.

"It is in the instruction book and it's one of the basic rules of the road," he said.

But along the new four-lane section of Mountain Parkway, eastbound drivers tend to veer off, left of the yellow line.

Brandi McCarty drives past on the occasion and says people must try their best to pay more attention.

"Just be extra cautious when you're driving through," McCarty says.

After multiple reports, workers drove out to see what was causing the confusion.

"They saw that the signs had been stolen," Elkins said.

Elkins says rumble strips and reflective markers are visible and each sign is replaced. Workers put an order in for thermoplastic pavement markings that will read, "keep right."

"There should be ample indications that the road divides there and drivers should keep to the right just like they would any time they see a yellow line anywhere else," he said.

District 10 says it is one thing to hear about it but to see it, is a different story.

"One of our engineers was coming back west and he met somebody driving in the wrong lane," Elkins said.

Though some may need to read up on their driver's manual, luckily not all forget the basic rules.

"Typically, that's the way it is I guess but ... I've not really had any issues driving on it," McCarty said.

KYTC is now giving advice to those behind the wheel.

"The best advice we can give is for drivers to use common sense and follow the rules that they were taught when they got their driver's license," Elkins said.

Workers plan to install the thermoplastic pavement markings when the weather turns warm.

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