KVEC looks to bring art into local schools through an online course

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Officials with Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative are working to make art more accessible to teachers and students.

Officials are teaming up Pike County illustrator Chris Epling to develop curriculum for an online graphic arts course.

Tuesday morning Epling met with students at Paintsville High School to work with students in an art class.

"Art offers a way for students to express those things outside of just what grade do you receive on this project," said Epling.

Epling is working with students at Magoffin, Paintsville, Betsy Layne, and Letcher Central High Schools developing the curriculum for the course.

"And learn the basics of application, forming a narrative, what do they want to say in that final piece, what is it that they want to convey?" said Epling. "So they come up with an idea first and then they storyboard it, design it, they select their media, we talk about different media you can use."

Epling believes by using technology and making the curriculum available online will give more schools the ability to provide art to their students.

"Across the entire region accessibility for art teachers to go into a graphic arts course and go at their own pace with their students so everyone can become involved in one curriculum," said Epling.

Sandra Coleman, an art teacher at Paintsville High School, said her students have a safe place to express themselves in her classroom.

"You have sports that are important, and you have academics that are important, and sometimes kids just don't fit into that genre," said Coleman.

Epling and Coleman believe keeping art in schools help paint a brighter future for our students.

The students from each school participating in the pilot program will present their artwork at the KVEC spring summit in April.

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