"I just have to pray": Family left waiting as Clay County murder trial delays

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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Jury selection was expected to begin Wednesday in a Clay County murder trial, but was then delayed.

Kenneth Grubb is accused of killing Robert Burns in May 2017.

Burns' body was found on Sol Hollow Road in 2017.

Grubb faces murder and theft charges.

Kimberly Shouse, Burns' sister, says it has been a long process.

“It’s ruined our life. I mean we were really close to Bob. We were the closest person to Bob,” said Shouse. “It’s hard I know I have to go on. You know I just have to pray to ask God to help me so we can just get through this day today and maybe it’ll get easier. Maybe the jurors will see he’s guilty and he needs to be put away."

The trial was postponed to May 12.

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