Jury rules in favor of Cabinet for Health and Family Services whistleblower

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A Floyd County jury ruled in favor of a Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services employee and whistleblower.

Angela Stumbo-Baldwin said the state retaliated against her by giving her a demotion.

"The state never denied that it was understaffed. I don't know the current condition and what that is but I do know for fact from admission on their part and from what my client told me that it had been chronically understaffed for years," said attorney Jerry Patton.

This happened in 2012 when Stumbo-Baldwin reported understaffing while working for the cabinet.

Her attorney told us she still works for the state.

As part of the verdict, we are told she will receive back pay for the demotion and a judge could reinstate her later.

The state responded Friday, saying a thorough review of the evidence showed it was clear Stumbo-Baldwin's demotion was based solely on her work performance. Officials are considering an appeal.

The jury took about one and a half hours to reach a verdict.

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