Jefferson County students bring sustainability project to Hazard

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – Western Middle School for the Arts students came to Hazard Friday afternoon, bringing with them an Aquaponics project. The project, which focuses on creating a tabletop ecosystem that sustains itself, involves a fish tank and a small garden.

“So, the fish produce waste, the waste goes up into the media bed - which is like the little garden - and the media bed holds clay pellets, which filters out the water and turns the nitrites into nitrates," said eighth-grade student Rylee Stansbury.

Stansbury said the idea for the system came from a former Western Middle School for the Arts student who was looking for a way to bring fresh food to the food desert in which he lives.

Another student, Brianna Woods, said she hopes the project can help bring sustainability to other communities.

“We were so excited to meet other students who might be going through the same food desert as us, and to help them and share our ideas so that we can work together to solve a problem," said Woods.

The Western Middle School students left a starter kit for Hazard to create its own Aquaponics system, which they said they’re excited to work with.

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