Jail Officials: Brand new scanner catches inmate trying to smuggle in drugs

Ryan Bowman was indicted by a grand jury after a new scanner caught him trying to sneak drugs into the Boyd County Detention Center. // WSAZ
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BOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) -- An inmate at the Boyd County Detention Center is facing additional charges after jail officials say they found a crack pipe hidden in his body cavity when he was booked into the jail.

Ryan Bowman, 21, of Ironton, was indicted Tuesday by a grand jury for promoting contraband.

Jail guards were able to catch the drugs, thanks to a new full-body scanner that they had just started using the day he was brought in.

The scanner cost the county $180,000, but Jailer Bill Hensley says it was worth every penny and is already showing its worth.

“It’s a huge addition. The very first scan we got pill bottles inside, we got crack pipes.”

The scanner is just one of several new policies and procedures the jail has implemented in Hensley’s first nine months in office.

He says he’s really working hard to restore the jail’s reputation in the community after years of escapes, overdoses, wrongful releases, and other instances.

“We just went through and did a complete overhaul and anything we found that was a weakness, we got together and said ‘How can we make this no longer a weakness?’”

Other policies include more in-depth inmate checks every hour, and a checklist when releasing inmates.

Hensley says the jail staff has been on board with the changes and worked hard to make them work.

“The biggest turnaround I think of everything is really the buy-in that the deputies have and how they really take to the job," he said. "They are the eyes and ears and they've seen the difference in the community, and they've really taken up the mantle.”

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