Jackson City Hall opens doors to public as warming center

JACKSON, Ky. (WYMT) - Jackson City Hall's warming center opened to the public on Thursday in order to keep the community safe from frigid temperatures.

Mayor Rose Wolfe says homelessness has always been an issue the city has faced, but with the temperatures continuing to decrease she believes the need to help has grown.

"Any town that doesn't accept the fact that they do have homeless [people] ... they are kidding themselves," Mayor Wolfe said. "Every town has homeless [people]."

With the arctic blast heading to the area those who do not have shelter are in danger more now than ever.

"It's too cold for your pets to be outside ... much less a human being," Wolfe explained. "And the truth of the matter is, we are all one paycheck away from being homeless."

For Janie Ratliff, the warming center has been a blessing to her during her time of struggle.

"It's wonderful because it got pretty cold at nighttime because we were living in our truck," Ratliff said.

Ratliff hopes that those who are staying outside nearby will find refuge in the same way.

"f they need to come here there's plenty of food. that way they can get out of the cold like we did."

In attempt to give back Ratliff said she tries to keep the council room clean for Mayor Wolfe.

"Maybe one of these days I can repay her and help her the way she has helped us," said Ratliff.

Wolfe says she does not plan to give anyone a handout but rather simply just a helping hand.

"The old saying, 'There go I but for the grace of God,' ... I would hope that somebody else would be there for me if I were in that situation."
City Hall plans to keep the council room open to the public for as long as possible during the winter months.

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