'It's not common': Pikeville PD searching for man they say attacked neighbor with ax

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PIKEVILLE, Ky, (WYMT) - The Pikeville Police Department is searching for a man who is accused of attacking his neighbor with an ax.

Police responded to a call in the Island Creek community in March. Barry Miller's neighbor said the pair had a disagreement about Miller leaving nails and other items in the neighbor's driveway. Upon approaching Miller, the neighbor told police he was attacked.

"It's not common and not normal to go get a double-bit ax and attack your neighbor," said Detective Bruce Collins.

Collins said the incident did not result in any life-threatening damage to the neighbor. Miller left the scene when police arrived.

"Mr. Miller fled into the woods and actually began to throw rocks and logs and other things at the officers," Collins said.

An indictment came down this week from the grand jury and a warrant has been in place for Miller since the incident. However, Miller is still on the run.

Collins said anyone with any information about Miller's whereabouts should contact law enforcement immediately. He also warns that Miller should not be approached.

"If he's willing to attack someone with an ax when he's confronted, he's not someone that I would recommend the public to go and confront," Collins said.

Miller is charged with second-degree assault because of the weapon used in the incident.

No photo of Miller is available at this time. This story will be updated when one is available.

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