'It's a shame': Scammers target Letcher County

Published: Aug. 20, 2019 at 6:26 PM EDT
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Scam calls, aimed at senior citizens, have hit the Letcher County community.

The Letcher County Sheriff's Office is warning people in the area to beware recent scammers' attempts to collect personal information over the phone.

"They're targeting our seniors," said Sheriff Mickey Stines. "I think it's a shame."

One caller claims the recipient's social security number has been "compromised." They attempt to gain payment in order to assign a new social security number.

"There’s another one that’s going around that they say your social security number has been given as information during a criminal activity," said Stines.

He said the caller in that situation asks for payment to settle a warrant. Stines says, among other issues, there will never be a legitimate call in which a warrant can be paid off.

"Your social security number is never going to change. You know, that's a number you get at birth," he said. "You can't change it and money's definitely not gonna change it."

Stine said anyone who receives a call should hang up without answering the caller's questions. He said the calls are often disguised as local calls, so people should be on guard.

Scam callers can be reported to the Attorney General's Office at (800)772-4636 or the Social Security Fraud Hotline at (800)269-0271.

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