'It's a mystery': Cold case 43 years old still has no leads

Published: Nov. 22, 2019 at 7:20 PM EST
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Thursday will mark 43 years since a woman in Harlan County vanished. Georgia Nolan was in her early 30s and a mother of four children when she went missing. Decades of searching have yet to uncover any answers in her case.

"It's frustrating because it's a mystery that seems to not to be able to be solved," said Darla Jackson, a friend of the family.

In her downtown Cumberland business, she sits alongside Teresa Pruitt, Georgia's daughter.

They have not stopped searching for leads in Georgia's case.

"We have been just doing anything that we possibly could for years trying to solve the disappearance of her mother," Jackson added.

Over the years there have been leads in the case, but those leads have led to dead ends.

One of the most promising leads resulted in a dig on a property in the Loyall community of Harlan County.

"We just want to bring it to a closure," said Teresa Pruitt, Georgia's daughter. "We all are having a hard time trying to understand, well we have through the years, tried to understand why our mother was taken."

Teresa suspects foul play. Georgia's social security number was last used about the same time she went missing, they have accepted she is more than likely dead.

"We're basically just looking for her body and so we can bring her home and give her a proper burial and have a gravesite where we can visit it during holidays and things like that," said Pruitt.

She says they are not looking to prosecute, instead they are just looking for resolution.

"We feel that someone will come forward and let the family know where their mother is," Jackson said.

They have not had resolution and healing yet.